The Walk to Work - 5th February 2009

 I had to get in to work on the 5th of February 2009.
 After making the obligatory snowman in
 the back garden at home I decided to walk there.
 Not that there was any work to do but I had to collect 
 some gear in the hope of travelling down to Cornwall 
 the next day. That didn't happen!

Snowy woods Approaching the workshop
Outside the workshop
Pictures from top left: 
woods on the 3.5 mile walk to work, 
the workshop across fields of pristine 
snow, outside the workshop.
I sometimes make the same trip by 
mountain bike in better weather.
I consider myself lucky to work in such a 
place and this day was no exception
(apart from the "work" part).
Although, after a round-trip of some 
7 miles I did feel that I had seen 
enough snow to last me a while!

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