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Our motor-racing background has led to innovation, reliability and safety. "Engineering" means that we can repair parts as well as renew them if necessary. If safe and reliable repairs can be made and  will save our customers money and trouble in the long-term, then that is what we will advise.
New parts are supplied with high quality in mind. Genuine parts are often supplied, but we are very aware that so-called pattern parts are very often manufactured by the same factory and to the same standards as Original Equipment (OE) parts. We are often amazed at the ill-informed comments of certain TV programme presenters who say that you must fit genuine because ...
A classic example was a  BBC Top Gear presenter who advised that you make sure you fit a "genuine" oil filter for a certain make of car. What is "genuine" when it comes to car parts? The car manufacturer concerned was currently sourcing their oil filters from a filter-maker who makes filters under different brand-names to the same very high standards !
Steve Nicholas is very aware of many technical issues. See the technical section.

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