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ANMAT SERVICES - Some pre-2005 Pictures

van03rsz.jpg (14243 bytes) View under bonnet of the Anmat CF van - you cannot see the twin Sierra Cossy cooling fans. van02rsz.jpg (11412 bytes) Anmat CF front seats from Rover SD1  - and smaller steering wheel !
van06rsz.jpg (15649 bytes) The author of the experiment and the original engine in the CF (the new engine is prettier !) coy_8rsz.jpg (10481 bytes) The Red Arrows at Coy's Festival Silverstone 1999.
V12coupe.jpg (13978 bytes) De-vinyled Jaguar XJ V12 Coupe

Owner :-

Richard Perkins

Brkpads.jpg (14586 bytes) We thought this customer's brake pads needed changing !!
Ringgear.jpg (12136 bytes) Slightly worn Austin A35 starter ring gear. CX500.jpg (16586 bytes) Steve's Honda CX500 Custom.

We play with bikes too !

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