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ANMAT SERVICES - Some 2005 Pictures

Bill's Astra Ex-WW2 pilot, friend Bill, now flies this Astra ragtop GTI Matt wrecking Cav Matt preparing another Cavalier for EBAY!
Steve's Cavalier V6 My pride and joy - '93 Cavalier 2.5 V6 - manual gearbox. Good performance and 38 mpg on a run! February view The view from my workshop door - February 2005
Ahh! Nuts! Peanuts found stored by a mouse in the air cleaner of a Nissan Micra. Oil comparison The oil on the left was still clean after flushing with Forte Advanced Motor Flush - the oil on the right was new oil from an unflushed engine.
Workshop view A view of countryside near my workshop - who wants to work in a town? Failed water pump Astra water pump with definite signs of leakage!

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