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Molly returned for more attention

Manual choke conversion, new transmission pipes and more...

Molly - front view Molly resplendent in new paint (Jaguar E-Type Red) with new carpets, hood and new wheels. Windscreen fixings A manual choke kit was available but needed modification to fit.

Molly had been misbehaving. The automatic choke was causing problems and her road-handling left a lot to be desired as she would tend to dive about a bit on bends...not good! Also, the battery was unreliable so John wanted that checked and a voltmeter fitted. She returned to have all this looked at and we hoped that a Polybush suspension bush kit could be fitted as we had done to Val's Kallista last year. Unfortunately, a kit of bushes was no longer available, but in any case, the suspension problem was to be found elsewhere.

New and old tie-rod bushes Some bushes were obtainable - here are new and old tie-rod bushes Switch panel being made The auxiliary panel being prototyped

As John wanted a manual choke and a voltmeter fitted, I decided to see if an additional panel could be made to house both items. As you can see, I also incorporated the Kenlowe fan control switches. It all looked as if it was designed to be there! The car was charging well but the old battery was kaput. It was more difficult than first thought to find a suitable battery for the car as the battery box is quite compact. In the end the battery leads were modified to allow the fitting of batteries with either terminal post configuration as the battery most easily available had the posts the "wrong" way round. A voltmeter is a useful additional instrument though, even when you have found the original problem.

New control panel Auxiliary panel fitted and housing all the new controls and voltmeter. Brace for choke control This brace is essential to strengthen the panel for the choke control.
Long view of new panel The design of the new panel took some time as its siting and layout are crucial to operation and comfort. Too far forward in this position and the driver's right knee can come into contact with it when entering the car! The choke has to be easily reachable and the voltmeter and switches visible without the driver having to contort their neck.

Now on to the most urgent matter, the handling problem. It was hard to define how the car was being affected but fitting adjustable suspension dampers (shock-absorbers) helped to some extent as the old ones were not working well. On giving the car a thorough pre-MOT check I discovered that the steering was very notchy with the car suspended in mid-air on the lift, something not really noticeable with the car on the ground - there was obviously a problem with the steering column. I removed the column and found that its front universal joint was seized nearly solid! I checked the column main rod for straightness and fitted a new front steering universal joint (the rearmost one was fine). John sourced the universal joint, dampers and polybushes for the tie-rods and arranged for them to be posted direct to me.

The transmission cooling pipes originally fitted were straight off a Granada so they were not routed in the most direct way. Again it had taken time to make and re-route the new pipes fitted to the newly re-cored radiator. The new pipes also incorporate bends intended to reduce torsional stresses when the engine moves on its mounts. This work was completed with various routine maintenance to brakes etc. and the aquisition of an MOT test.

new transmission pipes New, re-routed transmission cooling pipes. Molly - side view John reported "We have just come back from a complete tour of Ireland with the club. Molly behaved very well, and completed the 1700 mile round trip without any issues."

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