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The Panther Kallista has issues with plastic windscreen trims

and the windscreen can move too easily in normal use

Windscreen removed Windscreen removed prior to cleaning-off old sealant Windscreen fixings The "roots" of the side-frames are very short so if you apply force to the top of the screen it can move

The car had had a new windscreen fitted by a national company some time previously. Suffice to say, the seals had been treated roughly and the screen fitted badly so that its rake nearly interfered with the top of the doors when they shut, the top of the door rubber seal let in water and the plastic side-trim/seal-carrier had been broken. After much thought and examination of the structures involved we decided that, rather than modifying the car too much at this stage, we would work with what we had. The screens tend to move anyway as you naturally grasp the screen to assist entry and exit from the car; also, the screen is under some tension when the roof is put up.

Windscreen seal Lots of old black sealant Old sealant removed Old sealant cleaned-off and a new foam seal applied prior to refitting windscreen

There was a load of old black sealant oozing out from the windscreen apron seal and from the bottoms of the frame side pieces so the screen was removed completely. Screen removal is fairly simple as there are just 2 bolts each side, allowing rake adjustment and holding the screen on to separate plates, one each side. These plates bolt directly to the chassis and allow some vertical adjustment. It was apparent that a firmer fit could be achieved by re-tapping the rake-adjustment bolt holes to accept slightly larger M10 bolts with larger heads. These would enable a tighter torque to be achieved, together with a larger clamping area under the bolt-heads. This is worth a trial since the alternative would be to modify the structures in some way, such as increasing the length of the sideframe roots to improve their resistance to leverage.

Oil comparison Windscreen refitted with neat aluminium-grey sealant Kallista with new screen trim New aluminium trim fitted. The new trim pieces were wire-brushed and laquered prior to fitting.

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