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Some of the work we have carried out on this car

Water pump, windscreen, rear axle Polybushes

If you own a cherished and special car and have problems finding someone in your area who can give it the time and expertise it really deserves, we can provide a collection and delivery service in the South East, East Anglia and Midlands. Your car will receive the attention it deserves in our fully insured and well-equipped workshop in a private location.

We can also manufacture some parts, such as the windscreen side-trim/seal-carrier which are prone to breakage on the Kallista.

Val Bridges' Panther Kallista 2.8L This is Val Bridges' Panther Kallista 2.8L

We have been fortunate to have an opportunity to work on this unusual car. The list of jobs to-date includes fitting a new water pump (not straightforward as we could only get the correct-fit pump with the wrong pulley fitted, so had to change the pulleys over), fitting a set of Polybushes to the rear suspension and improving the fit of the windscreen and associated seals etc. Also, we found that the battery box had corroded very badly and its sealant had melted and run in to the inside of the car.

Oil comparison This new battery box was fabricated from 3mm aliminium plate and fitted to the car with a new double foam-strip seal. The melted sealant had to be cleaned off the parcel tray and other parts it had contaminated.

Fitting the Polybush set took about six hours. All the old rubber bushes were removed after we had found the old Cortina/Capri bush-fitting tools which had been relegated to storage for a good few years!

Every Polybush had to be trimmed to fit as the bushes are not made exactly to size. Trimming was accomplished using a small bench grinder; this method has to be employed with some care as it would be easy to remove too much material.

Val has reported that the car seems a bit more smooth and positive at the back-end, so this is a worthwhile modification. A detailed set of instructions was supplied with the kit.

Please go to Page 2 if you would like to see more information on the windscreen work.

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