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Anmat Services - Our Customers

Oakley School of Motoring

Best described as discerning and friendly, our customers are our greatest asset. Anmat Services has been built on the recommendations of customers over the years. They appreciate the personal and very honest service.
We were fortunate to have the servicing business of one local motor factor until recently ( it was planned that we would have a link to their site ). Although they were very satisfied with the work we did over a number of years, their management policy has changed and they have made other arrangements.
Most customers are private individuals and some have become good friends (they say you can't have friends in business!)
Although we do provide payment terms where people have cash-flow worries, we have had very few debtors over the years.
Most accept our reasonable prices and to those who still think we are a bit expensive we say two things :-

  1. Look at the service dealers provide and their prices.
  2. We would rather explain the cost of quality than apologize for less.

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It's John's car that features on the technical Page ( Peugeot 106 Fuel Leak).

Oakley School of Motoring - Mike Cross runs this driving school and he has a very good reputation. Mike's number is Bedford 824185.

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